Gliding through Northern Tasmania’s stunning Hollybank forest on a Segway feels like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Surrounded by nature, effortlessly exploring the expanse of the land, while letting the Segway become a natural extension of your body.

And this is no ordinary Segway tour. Our off-road Segways, with more speed, tyre power and durability, will whisk you deep into the forest on an entertaining and informative journey.

The one-and-a-half-hour tour is ranked seven in Australia’s top 10 Segway tours. So, what are you waiting for? Check-in is 15 minutes prior, followed by training and testing your skills on a practice course. We train you on equipment and safety before we take off under the canopy.


Our Segway tours operate throughout the year in all weather, so you aren’t holed up at home or in the hotel on wet days. We provide wet weather gear or bring your own.

Are you ready for your Segway adventure?

Age 12+


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Duration 1.5 hours



Enclosed and flat soled footwear such as sport or hiking shoes are required – no slip-ons. And comfortable and weather appropriate clothing for outdoor activity – no skirts or dresses. In the cooler months and winter, do dress warmly. We provide wet weather gear or you can bring your own.

All jewellery that can be removed, must be removed, as we don’t carry any liability for items lost on the tour. But you can wear your glasses or sunglasses for your enjoyment.

Healthy individuals from 12 years weighing between 45 to 117kg (we may weigh you for your own safety). While we don’t impose a maximum age, Segway tours are adventurous, where falls may occur. For this reason, pregnant women, those at risk of osteoporotic fractures and those with medical conditions that increase the chance of injury, should not take the tour. However, if you’re able to walk up and down a flight of stairs without the support of a handrail or walking stick, you should be able to pick up the balancing skills required. Do call us if you want to discuss any concerns.

Is it safe

Off-road Segways have rugged tyres suited for all types of terrain, perfect for both wide and narrow paths. The wide standing platform gives additional balance.

We’ll teach you on our training circuit before we hit the tracks, to practice keeping a safe distance between other riders.

Older children between 10 and 12 can hire our mountain bikes so they won’t miss out on the tour with the rest of the family.

Yes there is a strict weight restriction of 45-117kg, and we may weigh you for your own safety.

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