General Terms and Conditions for Hollybank Wilderness Adventures

Your booking is for a specific date/time and is non-refundable. Changes to the date and/or time of your reservation will only be considered if received 10 days prior.

Our tours are an all-weather activity. Tours will only be cancelled in extreme conditions such as lightning storms and extreme winds. We will postpone tours at our own discretion and will offer an alternative departure date/time. Wet weather gear is available.


  • Arrival: 15-30min prior to your scheduled tour time.
  • Late arrivals will not be accommodated.
  • A waiver form is required to participate. Available onsite.
  • All guests should seek medical advice if in doubt of their capabilities to participate.
  • Participants under the influence of alcohol or narcotics will not be permitted on tours.
  • Required medication can be taken on tour.
  • Tours are unsuitable for pregnant women after the first trimester.
  • Hollybank Treetops Adventure reserves the right to refuse participation to anyone whom we consider may be at a safety risk to themselves or others or for any reason.


  • Duration: Approx. 3-hours.
  • Day Tour Minimum Age: 3-years
  • Twlight Tour Minimum Age: 12-years
  • Participants under 35kg or under 8yrs old will be required to fly in tandem.
  • Max weight limit: 135kg (solo or tandem)
  • Max group size: 12 guests.
  • The tour has been designed for persons of average and above level of health/fitness and a capacity to understand basic instructions.
  • This tour has not been designed for individuals with spinal conditions (including neck) or suffering from vertigo.


    • Duration: Approx. 1.5-hours.
    • Minimum Age: 12-years. (Minimum age to participate without adult supervision: 13yrs)
    • Weight limit: 45 – 117kg
    • Group Size: Min 2 people. Max 5 people.
    • Segways are an adventure activity and falls may occur. Safe riding may be impacted for individuals with minor physical or mobility issues.
    • The tour has been designed for persons of average and above level of health/fitness and a capacity to understand basic instructions.
    • Training is provided. Participants must be comfortable being on their feet for at least one hour and be agile to step on and off the Segway unassisted.
    • Indication you may be able to participate: Walking up and down a flight of stairs unassisted by the rail, walking stick or another person.
    • This tour has not been designed for individuals the risk of osteoporotic fractures or where a fall may increase the severity of a pre-existing medicalcondition.


    • Clothing must be weather and physical activity appropriate.
    • Participants are required to wear enclosed and comfortable shoes without a prominent heel.
    • Waist and shoulders should be covered.
    • Skirts/dresses should be avoided.
    • Warm clothing and weather-proof jacket is advised for cooler months.
    • For safety reasons, pockets must be emptied prior. Lockers are provided free of charge.
    • Small Cameras/Phones on Canopy Tour: May be permitted if we can safely connect it to your harness/helmet with approved attachments by our staff.